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Wash Away, Printable, Applique Soft Stabilizer 1-side fusible by CT Publ

New Size Option--15 sheets!

Draw appliqué motifs or print them on these handy sheets with an ink-jet printer, fuse the paper to your appliqué fabric, sew on the motif, then just wash away the paper after stitching. Appliqués are soft and flexible without the need to cut your quilt or remove freezer paper.

Wash out for a softer end result or simply leave it will soften over time into fibre.

Size: 8.5" x 11" includes 15 sheets.

*Suitable for inkjet printers. Basically identical characteristics as the Apliquick™ stabilizer; slightly more stable. Plus the sheet size is very convenient for Ink-Jet Printer ready if you have multiple designs.

15 Sheets • 8 1/2" x 11" • Printable • Water Soluble • Single-Sided Fusible • Eco-Friendly

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