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Lighted Pop-up Magnifier by Mighty Bright

The Lighted Pop-up Magnifier has a slightly addictive quality. Squeeze the side buttons on its case simultaneously, and up pops its 2"x2" lens. Squeeze again to turn on a bright white, eco-friendly LED. This is practical gadgetry for those of us who need life’s little details twice as big and considerably brighter. The powerful 6x bifocal brings details into sharp relief. The case keeps the lens scratch-free when retracted, and a frame buffers the lens’ edges while in use. Push the lens into the case with a click.


• 2" x 2" retractable lens
• Optical grade magnifier
• 2x magnifying lens with 6x bifocal
• Bright white, energy-efficient LED
• LED lasts 100,000 hours
• Travel size 8 x 3 x 1
• 2 AAA batteries (included)
• Product Weight: 3.1 oz

Lumens Battery
3 6 hrs AAA 2

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