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Beam n Read USB/AC Power Kit

Saves batteries by enabling Beam n Read LED Lights to be powered from external power sources
  • Kit enables plugging into: USB AC adapter/chargers, USB DC car adapter/chargers, computer USB ports, USB ports on planes and other locations, USB power accessories for cell phones and other devices
  • Kit includes a USB/AC adapter for US style plugs, 6 foot BnR to USB cable plus 6 foot USB Extension Cable (total 12 feet of cable)
  • Need more than 12 feet? Just add a standard USB extension cable with USB-A type connectors or 
  • Need non US style AC plug? Use a USB AC adapter/charger for your local electrical sockets
  • Included USB Adapter: Input 120/240v AC; Output: DC 5.0V, 1.0Amp
  • Kit is used to access external power, does not recharge batteries

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