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VANISH-EXTRA Water Soluble Thread 1,500 yds.

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Vanish-Extra Water Soluble Thread is recommended for longarm and other high speed machines as a top thread. It can also be used as a bobbin thread. 1,500 yd. mini cone. Designed for Basting, Trapunto, Apparel and other uses.

Vanish-Extra and Vanish-Lite are available on spools and mini cones.  Store Vanish is a resealable bag in a dry place.

Vanish-Extra may be used on a longarm machine (#19/MR 4.0 needle) or home machine as the top thread, bobbin thread, or both.  Vanish-Extra requires soaking and dissolves faster in warm water.  Depending on the stitch density, gently massaging the thread helps it  dissolve more quickly.

Vanish-Lite is recommended as a top thread and/or bobbin thread for home machine use (#80/12 needle).  It also works well as a bobbin thread for longarm machines. 

For best results, use Vanish in both the top and bottom.  For longarm machines, use Vanish-Extra on the top and Vanish-Lite in the bobbin. For home machines, use either Vanish-Lite or Vanish-Extra on the top and Vanish-Lite in the bobbin.

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