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Twist #40 Trilobal Polyester

Superior Threads > Twist #40 Trilobal Polyester
Twist is an incredible feat of science in the thread world. Never before have two separately-dyed polyester filaments been combined to create a finished, dual-color thread. There are similar two-toned threads available in rayon, which is not as strong, colorfast, or heat-resistant as polyester. Available in over 50 dual-colored combinations. Add amazing texture and color depth to embroidery designs with Twist. Feathers, fur, and landscape designs will come to life by using one color of Twist instead of multiple solid colors for shading. Available in 50 colors (many more on the way!)

#40/2-ply Trilobal Polyester thread. Designed for Embroidery and Decorative Stitching. Unlike many other high-tenacity trilobal polyesters, Twist is 'heat set' in processing which eliminates shrinkage.

Please note: Not all colours are showing in the shopping cart system. This thread is available in both 500 yd. spools and 2,000 yd cones. Allow 10 days for delivery after ordering.

* To order spools (500 yd) use our Twist 500 yd Order Button. Insert colour and quantity in ‘note box’.
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