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Treasure Hand Quilting Thread

Superior Threads > Treasure Hand Quilting Thread

#30/3-ply Coated Cotton thread

Designed for Hand Quilting. Treasure hand quilting thread has been specifically created to handle the stress that hand quilting thread must endure for tight, smooth stitches. The special glaze coating adds strength and keeps the thread from displacing any lint. Available in 25 colors, which are perfect for heirloom, dresses, quilts, and any project that calls for hand work. Available in 25 tone-on-tone and variegated colors. Treasure is very strong and can handle the stress of hand quilting.

Please note:  This is a non-stocking line. We will ship Treasure upon arrival approximately 30 days. Please contact us BEFORE placing your order to check on status if in a hurry or matching thread for a project. (could be a couple months longer if Superior Threads is out-of-stock)

*As of April 2021: colours 551, 552, 553 are back ordered by manuf. Do not order unless you can wait 3 months.
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