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SuperBobs/Bottom Line Poly Bobbins

Superior Threads > SuperBobs/Bottom Line Poly Bobbins

SuperBobs Bottom Line #60 Thread polyester prewound Bobbins

Sorry only black available at this time due to manuf availability. When neutrals become available again in the future we will stock them

Designed for Appliqué, Bobbin Thread, and Quilting. Lint-free never felt so good. Designed with award-winning quilter Libby Lehman, The Bottom Line makes a fantastic bobbin thread for any type of sewing. The lightweight, blending colors are easily matched with any top thread. Invisible appliqué and binding is a breeze with Bottom Line as it glides through layers of fabric. Bottom Line is fantastic for micro-stippling and English paper piecing.

Note sure which bobbin style your machine has? Click to view Superior Bobbin compatibility chart 
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SuperBOBs L Style Bobbins. #621 LACE WHITE. 1 dz.


SuperBOBs L Style Bobbins Bottom Line #625 BLACK. 1 Dz.


SuperBOBs L style Bobbins. #655 Off White 1 dz.


SuperBOBs L Style. #617 TAUPE. 1 dz.


SuperBOBs Poly L Style. #620 CREAM. 1 dz.


SuperBOBs L Style. #622 GRAY. 1 dz.


SuperBOBs L Style. #623 SILVER. 1 Dz.


SuperBOBs L Style Poly Bobbins. #624 Natural White 1Dz.


SuperBOBs L Style. #651 IVORY. 1 Dz.


SuperBOBs L Style. #652 STATUE. 1 Dz.


SuperBOBs L Style. #653 BEACH. 1 dz.


SuperBOBs L Style. #635 MEDIUM BLUE. 1 dz.


SuperBOBs L style Bobbins. #603 RED 1 dz.


SuperBOBs M-Style Prewounds.#651 IVORY. 1 dz.


SuperBOBs M Style Prewounds.#652 STATUE. 1 dz.


Bobbin Saver2 Red Square

$16.99 $18.99


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