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So Fine! #50, #40, #30 Polyester

Superior Threads > So Fine! #50, #40, #30 Polyester

Superior SoFine #50/3-ply polyester thread

#50 is a lint-free, low/medium sheen, smooth #50/3 filament polyester thread. Due to its fine nature, So Fine! #50 is an excellent blending thread commonly used for topstitching applications when the fabric or backing design is to be more prominent than the quilting. Available in 134 colors, So Fine! #50 also makes a wonderful bobbin thread and is available on prewound bobbins for convenience. Reduce the time spent cleaning your machine by using a quality thread like So Fine! #50. Even twist means smoother sewing and less breaks.

Available in 134 brilliant solid colors.

#50 So Fine 550 Yds. SPOOLS

#50 So Fine 3,280 Yds. CONES

#40 So Fine 1,650 yds. variegated CONES

#30 So Fine 275 yds. spools


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King Tut NEWEST (32) 2000 Yds. CONE (Order Button)



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