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Nitelite Extraglow 80 yds. Spools

Superior Threads > Nitelite ExtraGlow > Nitelite Extraglow 80 yds. Spools

NiteLite Extraglow 80 yds. spool.

Suggested Needle Size 90/14 Topstitch
Not a stocking us if needed in a hurry. Usually 10 days arrival after ordering.

THREAD WEIGHT 40 wt. 3-ply
PUT UP (SIZE) 80 yd. spool
RECOMMENDED FOR Quilting, embroidery and decorative stitching
FIBER TYPE Polyester

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PASTEL YELLOW NiteLite ExtraGlow 80 yds.


SUPERIOR Titanium-coated Topstitch Needles #90/14



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