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Silk Ribbon (Clearance!)

Superior Threads Canada > Silk Ribbon (Clearance!)

Superior Silk Ribbon 

Exclusive one-inch variegated colour change which gives the look of colours found in nature. Create beautiful flowers on projects with Silk Ribbon Embroidery.

Please note: This product is available as quantities diminish. Don’t wait too long to obtain these amazing silks are Superior Japanese silk being discontinued at the warehouse. Regular Price $9.99 Clearance @$6.99 per 5 yd. package

Silk Ribbon 2mm Wide Clearance!


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#003 YELLOW 100% Silk Ribbon 4mm x 5.5 yds.(Clearance!)

$6.99 $10.99

#001 WHITE 100% Silk Ribbon 13mm x 5.5 yds.

$15.99 $23.99

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$14.99 $16.99


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