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Superior Threads Canada

Home Machine Thread Reference Guide from Superior

Longarm Machine Thread Reference Guide from Superior

Cindy's Threadworks is your premiere Canadian on-line resource for Superior Threads products; usually ships daily across Canada. Click shipping for info. Click contact us to check on stock availability if/when in a hurry to receive certain items.


Masterpiece #50/3-ply Cotton

King Tut #40/3-ply Cotton

So Fine! #50/3-ply Polyester

Bottom Line #60/2-ply Polyester

MicroQuilter #100/2-ply polyester

Magnifico #40 Trilobal Polyester

Fantastico #40 Trilobal Polyester

SILK THREADS #100, #50, #30, #16

MonoPoly Invisible Polyester

Needles (Domestic or Longarm)

Metallic Thread #40

Glitter Hologram Thread

Razzle Dazzle 8 wt. Poly/Metallic

Omni #40 poly core/poly wrap

Sergin General Serging Thread

SuperBobs/Bottom Line Poly Bobbins (PRE-ORDER )

ALL Prewound Bobbins

SuperBobs Cotton Prewound Bobbins

Color Cards

Vanish Water Soluble Thread

Accessory Items

Thread Storage

Soft and Stable Stabilizer

Try Me Specials



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