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SEW SLIP II Slippery Free-Motion Sewing Experience Manufacturer Suggestions

SewSlip® has a non-stick top surface which is bonded to cured silicone. The tacky back holds the SewSlip to your machine surface. Remove the protective brown sheet, position the opening under your machine needle, and sew. It's that simple!

SewSlip® eliminates the drag on your free-motion sewing and quilting projects. Best of all, you don't need to tape SewSlip down to have it stay where you put it, the silicone does that task.

SewSlip® is a generous 12" x 18" with a needle hole precut that fits most sewing machine beds. It can be cut with scissors if needed. Store rolled up with the brown undersheet sheet in place to keep it clean. SewSlip is completely washable; will last a lifetime.

* Cleaning & storage suggestions: after each use apply sticky lint roller to remove clinging threads like magic or run tap water over silicone side periodically; lay flat to dry. Store  sheet rolled in brown paper original packaging.

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