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Presencia Perle Cotton #12 (Clearance!)

Presencia Perle Cotton > Presencia Perle Cotton #12 (Clearance!)
Link to 8 weight Samplers

Clearance! Presencia 12 weights packages; 5 balls pre-packaged as is for $15.

Please insert 2 preferences into note box to allow for sold out options. Posted: Nov. 9th only 1 of each available.

Click HERE for 3 page Presencia Colour Card Reference. (If preferred to order multiples of the same dye lot order boxed sets of 10.

Sorry, I no longer offer individual perle cotton balls. Samplers are available in 8 weight and in stock.

Choose from photo below limited time offer!  Insert Letter or Number into 'note box' to identify your preference with quantities for shopping cart to calculate.  Eg. if you desire 2 pkgs insert 2 as quantity. in Note box state: A and #5 

(Note: Letters A & B are 5 weight balls w/ 1 black 12 wt ball in each pkg.)



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Clearance! Presencia Perle Cotton Balls #12 Packages

$15.00 $25.00

Presencia Perle Cotton #12 Variegated (pre-order)

$48.00 $60.00

Presencia Perle Cotton Balls Pre-Order Box 10

$43.99 $49.99

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