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Quilting Applique Books

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Book. Nature Trail by Sue Spargo

$38.99 $42.99

Book. Ruler Work Quilting Ideas Amanda Murphy

$24.99 $27.99

Book. Whimsical Wool Applique by Kim Schaefer

$32.99 $38.99

Clover Sashiko Needles


Book.Embroidery Handbook Stitch Instructions by Janice Vaine

$11.99 $13.99

PatternBook. Everythings Blooming by Erica Kaprow


Book. A-Z of Embroidery Stitches


Card. Quilters Retreat Pin!


Book. Creative Stitching NEW 2nd Edition by Sue Spargo

$38.99 $42.99

PatternBook. Summertime Sampler by Erica Kaprow


the Canadian Quilter Newsletter Publication/Magazine

$9.95 $13.95

Color Wheel Poster by Joen Wolfrom


Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool by Joen Wolfrom (3rd Edition)

$22.99 $24.99


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