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Book. Quilters Negative Space Handbook


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Book. The Quilter’s Negative Space Handbook by Sylvia Schaefer

Have you dreamed of creating your own modern quilt patterns, but don’t know where to start? Author Sylvia Schaefer applies her scientific mind to quilting design principles that help break down the process of modern quilt design, one step at a time. Applying negative space to your quilts in 8 key ways, you’ll start with traditional blocks or quilts and transform them into modern masterpieces. Each chapter focuses on a negative space design concept, such as removing elements or disintegration, and includes a project to practice that technique. Complete with tips on choosing fabrics, estimating yardage, and machine quilting for an artistic finish, this book has something for every quilter!

• Create drama with negative space! Clear, step-by-step illustrations to design your own modern quilts
• Apply 8 clever techniques to transform a traditional block or quilt to a modern one
• Sew 8 projects and get tips on piecing, fabric selection, and quilting the big finish 

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