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Bohin Quilting Betweens Needles No. 3/9

Bohin Hand Needles Quilting Betweens No. 3/9


Bohin Patchwork & Quilting Betweens Big Eye 10

Bohin BIG Eye Quilting Needles Size 10


Bohin Embroidery Crewel Hand Needles 3/9 Asstd

Bohin Embroidery/Crewel Hand Needles 3/9 Asstd


Clover Patchwork Pins 100 ct.

Clover Patchwork Pins small head sharp tip 100 ct.


Bohin Extra-Fine Grey Chalk Marker Mechanical Pen.9mm

Bohin Extra-Fine Chalk Marker .9mm GREY

Bohin Extra-Fine WHITE Chalk Marker Mechanical Pencil .9mm

Bohin Extra-Fine Chalk Marker .9mm WHITE


Bohin Jungle Theme Retractable Tape Measure 60 inch (Clearance!)
by Bohin

Bohin Retractable Tape Measure Jungle Theme


Clover Patchwork Pins (Extra-Fine) 100ct

Manufacturer #: CloverPPFine

Clover Patchwork Pins glass heads extra fine diameter made to pass through fabric smoothly.


Clover Gold Eye Milliners 3-9

Clover Gold Eye Milliners 3-9 Hand Needles


Handy Lipstick Holder Hand Needles Clearance!

Handy Lipstick Holder for Hand Needles


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