Kimono Silk 

kimonosilksuperiorthread#100/2-ply Filament Silk thread. Designed for appliqué, Binding, Quilting, and Sewing.

Kimono Silk is a very fine, 100% pure Japanese filament silk, which is incredibly strong for how fine it is. This makes Kimono Silk excellent for binding since it slides through fabric without added friction. Available in 80 brilliant solid colors, Kimono Silk will blend into the fabric seamlessly. Ideal for hand and invisible machine appliqué, detail quilting, lacework and bobbin thread.

Superior SILKS are the finest Japanese filament silk threads available.  Ranging in sizes from #100  Kimono Silk™ to #16 button hole wt. for hand/machine applique, quilting, embroidery, embellishments, and more.