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Perhaps a better Blog name would be Journal or News. Who knew ”Blog" would become a traditional word? The good news is “Quilting” will always be universally recognized no matter what language we translate. We’ll still be searching for creative ways to express quilt art and new locations to shop for essentials. We desire inspirational instructors, exciting fabrics and especially quality THREADS—the glue! Our support network of quilters through satellite groups, guilds, and communities is vibrant (especially here, on Vancouver Island, BC). Join me as I share how-to articles on Threads and techniques, product features and things of general interest to curious and resourceful quilters and stitchers! ...Cindy Scraba

More Inspirational Postcards & Tips! 

Visit "Postcard Journal" periodically for new postcards to be featured ongoing. Scroll down to view images with TIPS!

Already many enthusiastic quilters, appliquérs, stitchers and fibre artists have been working on their submissions to the CQA/ACC “Inspired by Nature” Postcard Challenge. Thank you to everyone thus far for your amazing submissions as we enjoy receive sneak previews on Facebook and other social media.

Stay connected as we highlight various Postcard submissions here to INSPIRE others while offering helpful TIPS in the process.

If you’re tuning in for the first time regarding this Postcard Challenge opportunity here’s a brief explanation. The challenge is intended to be FUN and simple to encourage everyone to participate.

Note: Postcard entries received by Feb. 1st are eligible for Early Bird draws.
  •  Size: 6" w x 4" h horizontal OR 4" w x 6" h vertical--your choice! 
  •  Insert a sturdy stabilizer depending on techniques and desired project.
  •  A wide variety of techniques on fabric are encouraged and welcome.
  • Collect post cards in groups or send directly to Karen Killins-Robinson, BC CQA/ACC Coastal Rep as indicated on the Poster. Click image to preview and enlarge.
  • Submissions postmarked or received by May 1st, will be included in the judging process and eligible for amazing CASH prizes listed on poster.
  • Postcards will be displayed and SOLD at Quilt Canada in the CQA/ACC membership booth in Vancouver May 31st to June 2, 2018. Attendees will purchase them by donation (min. $5) plus a silent auction for winning postcards.
  • BC Children’s Hospital Foundation benefits from the sale of your postcards. 
  • See also "Postcard Inspirations” my 3-page feature article published in Winter issue of Canadian Quilter Magazine. Subscription with membership visit: www.canadianquilter.com.

~ Hand Appliquéd Postcard ~
This whimsical critter “Flower” was submitted by Val Ursulak from the Nanaimo BC Divas Appliqué Group. 
Anyone who knows Val or has had the pleasure to take her classes understands Appliqué is her passion!
She is a master teacher with contagious enthusiasm for the Art & FUN of Appliqué.
Her approach is original and the results are always beyond what anyone could imagine.
Val has earned multiple National awards for her quilted legacies.
Postcard Submission by Val Ursulak
Val’s Techniques & Embellishment TIPS:
Hand appliqued critter, silk ribbon & perle cotton embroidery stitches adding personality,
free-motion-quilted background
* Val’s Postcard Edge is a folded rick-rack technique, which keeps this critter in check!
I hope you’re considering creating your own Postcard(s)!
In the meantime visit www.canadianquilter.com website for Quilt Canada Vancouver 2018 info.
Don’t miss this opportunity to attend the National CQA/ACC Conference being held on the West Coast this year.
Your annual membership includes the Canadian Quilter Publication.

These Postcards below (and more) will be up for your enjoyment very soon...stay tuned to this 
Postcard Journal!

My Techniques & Embellishments for “2 Birdies” Postcard:
 This cute pair came alive with needling felting on their topsides, hand stitching undersides, knotty eyes, MonoPoly invisible smoke thread machine stitched appliques, nest and postcard photo transfers, pillow case method to assemble eliminated binding or other edge treatment!

*Here’s a LINK to another great Postcard Tutorial by Jackie White

 The Lap App Portable Table!

Have you ever wished for a portable table when hand stitching, appliqué, hand quilting, assembling hexagons, or crafting?Joyce Haskins is an appliquér herself and is the inventor of the Lap App© and proudly made in USA.

I’m always delighted when my shipments of Lap Apps arrive and I see array of fun fabric covers--they’re always different! There can be prints with sewing notions or fabrics that mimic pieced, traditional or modern quilt blocks. The quality and workmanship are consistent and guaranteed.

Under the slip cover is a sandpaper worksheet for tracing designs with better control and accuracy. Plus, there’s another slip cover for ironing. All well planned adding value with every feature.

Notice the handy dowel pegs tucked under the table for thread spools and a magnet for threaders or needles. There’s even a pocket for scissor storage.

The lightweight wood is solid, smooth, and strong. The adjustment knobs underneath accommodate various tilt and table height positions.

Cindy Scraba
Cinderella Blog

Customer Feedback:

Now when I appliqué my neck and shoulders are relaxed. It’s no longer painful to be seated for long periods. Thank you so much for sharing this product with us!

Yes, you may quote me about my love of the LapApp at anytime as it has been a true blessing for me to use. No wrist or back pain when doing applique or sashiko as I can sit back in my chair and my wrists are supported and I always know where my needle , thread and scissors are. It is an extremely well organized unit. Now, I love that it allows me to sit comfortably in my recliner to read.

Another plus about the way the LapApp is made is that we can easily adjust the position of it to our individual needs. Also , it is lightweight so no pressure on the thighs. So many positive things to say about it. Pat.

I agree! another gal mentioned her hubby did the math from a carpenter’s point of view to reproduce one or come up with a facsimile and quickly announced she got a good deal, LOL…we can rest our case ;-) take care.

Link for video and purchase info.

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